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March fishing reports Palm Beach fl

Welcome to the March Coastal Angler Magazine fishing report for the waters off Palm Beach, Singer Island and Juno beach, Florida . Expect great fishing and plenty of opportunities this month. First...The beaches will be swarming with Spinner Sharks and Tarpon. These beasts will give you a fight of a lifetime. It will not be hard to find the fish, just drive along the beach and look for anything dark and moving away from the vessel. The shore past the Singer Island condos will give you the best fishing. Live bait or Poppers lures will work. Try to get a head of the School for best bite. Good luck!

For the Offshore guy’s expect fat Black-fins, Jumbo Dolphin and fearsome King Fish to be on the edge...(130 to 200 depth) last March was epic and we at expect the same this month. There was a lot of cold weather to our north this year.. Last year was weather patterns seemed the same and the fishing turned out to be awesome. Live bait is a must! You can catch it or radio the bait boat on VHF 68. Light rigs will get the most bites. Tight lines!

Let’s talk about sword-fishing. There’s been some monsters taken this year. If you have never caught a Broadbill then get your yourself out there. Wait for a calm day and take the day off if you have too. It should be on the cooler side still and the summer months will be scorching. Don’t forget to bring the Harpoon, you will wish you had it if the fish is over 250lb. If not sure how to Sword fish, give us a call. For a day charter we will get you on track for success. Thank you guys for taking the time to read this and remember “ You can’t catch them from the coach”

Capt. Weston Russell


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