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May 2019 Fishing Report: Palm Beach, Singer Island, Palm Beach Shores

Hello anglers! Welcome to the May fishing report for Palm Beach, Singer Island and Jupiter Florida. Offshore fishermen expect decent Dolphin fishing. Dollis are on a spring migration north. Finding the weed lines is a must. This is when you “run & gun”! Run to the first line of weeds.. troll for a spell.. if nothing, run to the next one. Keep your eye out for floating structures. This will be holding fish. Leave no floating trash unturned. It doesn’t take much to hold fish. Have a Daiwa spinner setup with a popper plug. Casting in all directions will work great for bringing fish up from the deep. You may not see anything at first, but there could be a school 50’ down just hanging out. Good luck!

For the people that like to stay closer to land.. the edge (130’depth) will be hot with Bonita, Kingfish and Cobia.. and let’s not forget Sharks! You already know to reel super fast and get those fish boat side. Having an 8’ BBW Gaff will help to get them in before the sharks can attack. The Snapper fishing will be good this month too. If the tide is slower than 2mph, fish deeper. 200’ to 300’ will hold 10lb plus fish. The key is heavy lead and a long leader… Tight lines!

Let’s talk about Inshore and beach fishing. The Pompano bite was epic in April and I believe it will stay hot in May. Sand fleas or shrimp work best for them. The bite has been at the end of the north end condos in Singer Island and all around the MacArthur Park area. Also, on the beach will be Tarpon. If you find a school the best bait to throw at them is a live Thread-fin. It won’t take but a sec to get hooked up. Be ready!

– Capt. Weston Russell


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