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The most exciting fishing adventures at the palm of your hand! Whether you're looking for wreck fishing, inshore fishing, or even kite fishing - Reel Intense has you covered! Each excursion offers something different including a unique catch, like our shark fishing adventure or our run & gun offshore trip. But an awesome day of fishing isn't all you have to look forward to. A day of adventure in the Bahamas is also on the menu as is an exciting scuba trip or even a Peanut Island Boat Party! 


Inshore Fishing Palm Beach

Looking for light tackle action in calm waters? Inshore fishing is the name of your game! The Palm Beach inlet and beaches hold many opportunities. Tarpon, jack crevalle, and barracuda are some of the many free swimming fish to be caught. This is an awesome charter for all ages. There are opportunities to see gentle manatees and check out the monster mansions of Palm Beach Island and Peanut Island. Enjoy!

Kite Fishing for Sailfish, Tuna, Dolphin and Kingfish

Want to feel like a kid again? Come fly a kite with reel intense! Kite fishing was discovered in the early 1980’s. This technique allows you to hang your fishing line off a break away clip attached to the kite rod. When a fish bites, the line breaks away and allows you to fight the fish free and clear. The purpose of kite fishing is to get the bait far away from the boat with no line in the water for fish to see. This method is fun and cool for all ages.
So… go fly a kite!


Bottom Fishing

Hungry? Like action? Bottom fishing is for you! The reef system out in front of Palm Beach, Singer Island and Jupiter, Florida have some of the best bottom structures in south east Florida. This is one of the only places where the gulf stream meets the reef. Mutton’s, yellowtails, mangrove and vermillion snapper make their home here. This excursion is easy and hands on. Also fun for all ages. Come get some!

Shark Fishing Adventure

You want to catch a shark? Well Reel Intense has you covered. The waters off Palm beach, Singer Island, and Jupiter, Florida are infamous for sharks. “Shark week” is filmed in our waters. We offer the man eating bull shark, majestic lemon sharks, wild looking hammer heads and the high jumping spinner shark. Most of these animals can be targeted all year. It takes a strong will and a strong back to land these bad boys. Are you ready?!


Run & Gun Offshore

Take your charter to the next level! We offer run & gun fishing. What is run and gun? Well, this method is running far offshore and looking for floating structures in the famous Gulf Stream waters. This could be anything from a floating 5 gallon bucket to massive weed lines. Dolphin, sailfish, wahoo and blue marlin will be the fish of choice. Trolling and chumming is the method. Be ready to be surrounded by deep blue water. You may even see whales and porpoises, along with sea turtles. Wow!

Bahama Adventure

Ready for adventure! The islands of the Bahamas are just 52 miles away from West Palm Beach. We would literally be traveling to another country so bring your passport and your sense of adventure. Hop aboard one of our custom 35’ center consoles and make the epic crossing of the Gulf Stream to the crystal clear waters off West End, Bahamas. We offer day trips and over night stays. The fishing methods involve trolling for wahoo, dolphin, tuna and blue marlin. Also, we go deep dropping for delicious snapper and grouper to help fill the cooler. These trips are offered in summer months when the waters of the Gulf Stream are calm and tranquil. 4 person max.


Trolling Trips

Trolling is a method where we drive at a slow speed and set lines out of the back of the vessel. Moving around allows us to cover more surface area. Many different sport fish can be caught this way. We use a spread of lures and natural bait. This is a great technique for mahi mahi, sailfish, wahoo and tuna. It’s great on calm hot days of summer, keeping a constant breeze in your face. Fun for all ages and experience levels.

Wreck Fishing

What is wreck fishing? This fishing technique entails dropping a live bait down 200-300 ft. South Florida has hundreds of man made and natural reef systems. What’s good about deep water wrecks is that they’re deep! These structures will hold huge fish. Anything from monster grouper & snapper to rod bending amberjack. We use a heavy rod and reel. When they bite, you better be ready!

Discover scuba & snorkeling.jpg

Discover Scuba & Snorkeling

Looking for something other then sport fishing? Get adventurous and get under the water! Reel intense has a dive master onboard: her name is Somerville and she is a certified PADI Dive Master. She will teach you the basics and have you feeling like a pro in no time. This is a very safe sport and fun for all ages. The excursion includes all the gear and a private tour exploring the famous “ Blue Haron Bridge with Somerville”
Please Call for details.

Sword-fishing Daytime Charters

Its head! Swordfish are world renowned for their aggressive behavior, when hooked they will actually charge the boat while making acrobatic jumps and deep dives. If you hook a monster, the fight could last hours; This is not for the beginner. It’s a all-day charter beginning with a 20 mile ride out to the swordfish grounds. We use Diawa’s epic 3000 electric reel with a handle for manual reeling. The conditions have to be calm for this type of charter and we take a maximum of 4 people on this adventure.

Discover scuba & snorkeling.jpg

Peanut Island Boat Party

Spend a relaxing day out on our beautiful 35ft seavee center console boat, anchored just a few feet from famous Peanut Island. Peanut Island is located just a hundred yards from the ocean. Its waters are clean and clear at high tide. We think it’s the closest thing to being in the Bahamas! Listen to music and lounge in the clean water on a float and let the crew cater to you. Food and drinks are provided. We cook hamburgers and hotdogs for a boat BBQ, it’s a picnic on the water. Wow! Relax, unwind and have fun.
Great for all ages.

Fishing shirts



Get your Reel Intense Fishing dry-fit shirt & get ready to REEL IN STYLE! Our dry-fit shirts are now available for sale! Available sizes include; Small, Medium, Large, X-Large & XXL.

Due to high-demand, we are unable to allow a color selection at this time. The shirt color will be chosen by Captain Weston. But don't worry, we promise you will get the best available Reel Intense Fishing dry-shirt!

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