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April 2020 Fishing Report: Palm Beach, Singer Island, Palm Beach Shores

Hello and welcome to the April fishing report from the Coastal Angler Magazine. Expect epic fishing this month. Monster Kingfish will invade the Reef off Juno Beach. Fish in the 40 lb class will be landed with a few over 60lb. Live baiting or down rigger trolling will be the method of choice. #7 wire is a must and having a stinger hook would be wise. You have to get the fish to the boat fast due to Bull Sharks in the area. There will be some stud Wahoo mixed in with the kings. Wahoo for some reason will hang with Kings the same size. Maybe for easy hunting..

If your looking for Dolphin Fish… Head offshore to the second weed line. The northern migration of Dollies will begin and April is known for hooking Big Dolphin. A long gaff is a must because Dolphin can be afraid of the boat. Most take that last run when 8 ft from the boat. Having a 8ft gaff will stop them in there tracks. We use BBW Gaffs in our outfit. They’re the best money can buy.

For the Inshore fishermen. The Palm Beach Inlet will be covered with Tarpon. Drifting a live Sardine or a Jumbo shrimp will get it done. Be ready and leave the motors running…You will have to chase your fish the minute you get hooked up. There’s traffic in this inlet and you need to be on top of your fish…. Tight lines! Also swimming in the shallows will be Fat Jacks, Cuda’s and Permit. Good luck!

– Capt. Weston Russell

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