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August 2013 Fishing Report: Palm Beach, Singer Island, Palm Beach Shores

Welcome to the coastal angler fishing report for West Palm Beach, Singer Island, Palm Beach Shores and North Palm Beach, FL. The bite the last couple of months has been a little off from the last few years. Warmer temperature to our north doesn’t help the fishing, but expect things to pick up for the month of August. Offshore, the Snapper bite will be on. Muttons will be hanging under the bonito schools waiting for a free meal to sink to the bottom. If you’re catching undersized fish, try fishing deeper water. Deeper means water from 150′ to 250′. Believe me, monster muttons live in the deep. You will need heavy lead and a long leader. I use 30′ of 60 lb to fool the big boys. The bait of choice is a strip of bonito. Remember, they’re big because they’re cautious. Also, if you’re looking for a trophy wahoo, try catching a live bonito and slow troll it with a stinger hook. Wahoo love to eat Bonito (At least something likes to eat them).

If you’re looking to land a West Palm Beach Gladiator (aka Swordfish), you will need to head east 15 miles. The mighty swordfish will be lurking deep below. Daytime swording is an option that not a lot of anglers are taking advantage of. Swordfishing is not hard. Think of it as bottom fishing on a bigger scale, but it’s always a great idea to hire a pro to show you the ropes.

For you inshore boys, the Palm Beach inlet will still be holding plenty of tarpon, snook and jacks. Check out the latest catches from recent fishing charters in Palm Beach and Singer Island here. Light tackle is the way to go. Inlet fishing is all about tides, so plan your trips accordingly.

The weather plays a major role in sport-fishing. Storms can pop up fast and ruin your day. Please take care and beware. If you are looking for some pro tips or a West Palm Beach fishing expedition, visit for your next fishing charter.

– Capt. Weston Russell


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