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August 2014 Fishing Report: Palm Beach, Singer Island, Palm Beach Shores

Hello and welcome to the Coastal Angler magazine August deep sea fishing forecast for Palm Beach, Singer Island and Palm Beach Shores, Florida. This is a great time of the year for Dolphin fishing. Have you ever tried “run and gun” tactics. This means to head offshore at high speeds looking for floating trash or large weed beds, then stop and start chucking cut Sardines around the area. If nothing comes calling, start the boat and search for the next spot. This method is used by the pros and can produce big fish, also look for birds. Birds have a keen eye for fishing. If you see a couple of birds flying fast in one direction, head that way. They’re probably going to meet some friends.

For the angler that likes to wreck fish…Pull out the big rod! Big Groupers, Amberjacks and nice Mutton Snapper will be holding on the deep water wrecks. If you don’t have any marks for the deep sea fishing wrecks off Palm Beach, head to your local bait shop and purchase one. These charts have lots of info and are somewhat easy to read. To catch deep dwellers you’re going to need the right rig: #9 hook, 15 ft of 80 lb leader on a 3 way swivel and a heavy sinker. Live bait is the only way to go. Goggle eyes and Blue Runners work best. Remember you can call your local bait guy on VHF channel 68 to buy some.

For the reef guys, head north of the Singer Island fishing condos. The natural reef system here will hold flag Yellowtails. Cut bait on a chicken rig will help you fill the cooler fast. If the bite slows down, put a chum bag out. Tails respond to chum well. Along with tails there will be other opportunities to catch Triggerfish, File Fish, Porgys, and Grey Snappers. Don’t forget to bring your measuring stick. Following the FWC rules will keep the man off your back. Good luck!

For the inshore fishing, August is off the hook. The Palm Beach inlet will be holding big Tarpon, Snook and Jacks. Live Sardines will be the bait of choice. When you hook a big Tarpon or Jack be ready to run it down. There’s a lot of traffic this time of year. So…reel fast and pull hard and best of luck. There’s one thing for sure, you can’t catch them from the couch!

– Capt. Weston Russell


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