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August 2016 Fishing Report: Palm Beach, Singer Island, Palm Beach Shores

Welcome to the August Coastal Angler deep sea Fishing report for Palm Beach, Singer Island and Juno Beach, Florida. The seas have been calm and the air is hot..welcome to mid summer! The Bonito bite is still on and they can be fun to catch, but it’s the monster Wahoo and the Blue Marlin that eat the Bonito that I’m trying to catch .. The trick is to catch a smaller Bonehead and live rig him on a big rod and slow troll… Rigging the eyes works best.. If you never rigged Live Bonito before, check out YouTube. Also, the Dolphin bite picks up this month offshore. Your going to need to find the weeds. Head East and keep your eyes open not just looking for sargasso, but for floating trash. Anything can hold fish!

For you Reef fishermen, the Snapper bite will be on the second Reef and rubble piles. Long leaders and light sinkers will get the job done. Along with Snapper expect a few Cobia to be around. The sharks are thick so get your fish to the boat fast.

For the beach guys, there’s a spot that’s down South of the Breakers that will hold monster Tarpon. You can only find it on a calm day.. It’s in 32ft of water. Look for tailing fish. This is a super secret.. So keep your lips sealed!

– Capt. Weston Russell


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