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August 2018 Fishing Report: Palm Beach, Singer Island, Palm Beach Shores

Welcome to the Coastal Angler Magazine fishing forecast for August. Expect great Dolphin fishing this month and calm seas. Most of the dolphin will be caught offshore, but you will sea a few on the edge after a good wind. When looking offshore keep your eye out for floating debris. That will be a fish Fad full of bait and paligics lurking under. We at will not stop at a spot unless it has small bait under the debris or weeds. Dolphin fish will not be far from a good food source. Most Dollies will be in the 12 lb range but there will be some monsters out there too. Good luck!

Swordfishing will be on fire in August and the calm seas will make for a great trip. The weather plays a big part when heading 20 miles out. Start early and get back before the afternoon storms. Safety should be first on the list. We have been doing great on a Bonita strip with a black skirt. Don’t be afraid to move around. Tight lines!

For you Reef guys you will be catching Kingfish and Snapper this time of year. Kings will be on the smaller side but tasty. When snapper fishing don’t forget to use a long leader and small black hooks. Snapper have super eye site and if you want the big ones you better fool them good.. Well that’s your report. Good fishing men and women…

– Capt. Weston Russell


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