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August fishing report

Welcome to the Coastal Angler fishing report for West Palm Beach, Singer island, Palm Beach Shores, Florida. The bite the last couple of months has been good, but expect things to pick up for the month of August. Offshore… the Snapper  bite will be on. Muttons will be hanging under the Kingfish schools waiting for a free meal to sink to the bottom. If you're catching undersized fish, try fishing deeper water. Deeper means water from 150' to 250'. Believe me, monster muttons live in the deep. You will need heavy lead and a long leader. I use 30' of 60 lb to fool the big boys. The bait of choice is a fresh cut Goggle eye.  Also, if you're looking for a trophy Wahoo, try fishing at the crack of dawn. Fast troll any lure that looks like a Bonito. Speeds of 10 to 12 knots is best. Good luck!


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