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December 2018 Fishing Report: Palm Beach, Singer Island, Palm Beach Shores

Hello Readers. We made it through the hot months of summer and here we are at December. Dust your kites off and check your kite clips swivels on the kite rod, there’s going to be Sailfish action heading our way. Best chance to land multiple numbers…. the day of a cold front and north west winds. Along with some great Sailfish-action will be a few nice Dollies in the mix. Bigger Dolphin will pair up with the Sailfish schools to be a more effective hunter. Leave the wire off the Riggs if you want to catch these guys. If a Sail gets a taste of wire, there a good chance it will jump the hook off. You have been warned!

For you inshore guys.. there will be a few Mullet schools hanging around with predators following. The Tarpon fishing around the Sailfish Club will be hot during the evening hours. The cooler weather turn’s these Prehistoric fish on. Net a few Mullet or yous a mullet like DOA lure and cast up under the dock lights to Entice the bite. When hooked up, be Vigilant and get those fish away from the dock poles. This is big danger for any freshman and easy cut off for any fish. Dont forget to check the boil. It is the water being discharged from the power plant. There can be large Jacks lurking around there. Another great spot it the Rybovich Reef. There is a sunk Barge there and holds monster Goliath grouper, along with Snook and Occasional Redfish. I want to talk about a spot most fishermen pass every day. Did you know we have a Local School of Bonefish that live around the Peanut Island sandbar? This is a great spot to light tackle or fly fish. Next time your out inshore fishing, stop and take a cast on the sandbar and see what happens. Good luck!

Also guys, this is the time of year to strip your reels of old line and Replenish with new. Losing a big fish to old line breakage will make you feel like a lesser fisherman. Take the preparation now because you never know when the monsters going to hit. My crew at Reelintensefishing.comuses Ande Monofilament monster Blue. This line is top notch for the fishing we do in our area. Well that’s it for this month. Remember you can’t catch them from the couch….

– Capt. Weston Russell


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