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Fishing report February

Welcome to the Coastal Angler magazine Fishing report for February. With the Winter migration comes many rewards. Wreck fishing will be on our list for February. Palm Beach County has some of the best offshore man-made Reefs anywhere in Florida. Most up-to-date GPS have these wrecks Marked very well. Most will even have name’s next to them. Fishing Wrecks is not complicated, It just takes the right tackle and a little bit of Know how. First you want to start with some heavy tackle something in the 50 class range for reel’s and at least an 80 pound test rod. Spoil it up with 80 pound test line. The rig is a three-way swivel to a 10 ounce lead with 30 feet of 100# leader. You will need a strong circle hook something like a 12/0. The bait of choice is a Blue Runner or Goggle Eye. When dropping down on the wrecks, always start up current and give yourself time to reach the bottom. Once you hit the bottom reel it up six turns and hold on. If you placed yourself in the right spot you should have a bite within minutes. Expect jumbo Amberjacks, Groupers, Huge mutton snapper and Cobia to name a few. We have caught many other species offish on the wrecks, You just never know what you can catch down there. Tight lines

For the inshore Anglers... The Palm Beach Inlet will be holding Sheep head, Jacks and Permit. Live shrimp works best. Scale your tackle down to catch the big ones. Jig tipped with shrimp is what we use at reelintensefishing.comThanks for taking the time to read this report...

Capt. Weston Russell


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