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January 2014 Fishing Report: Palm Beach, Singer Island, Palm Beach Shores

Welcome to the January fishing forecast for the Coastal Angler magazine. Palm Beach, Singer Island and Palm Beach Shores Florida will be the fishing destination to be. The cooler weather to the north has pushed better fishing our way. The inshore fishing is great this time of year. Sheaphead will be making their way to the Palm Beach inlet for there annual spawn. Sheaphead can be hard fighters on light tackle. These fish taste great, but suck to clean. A sharp knife and a good glove will help against the needle like spine. Good luck with that. Also the Jacks are back. These fish are super hard fighters, and they school together. They’re not hard to find, just keep your eyes on the fishfinder and look for red blobs. Bingo!! You found them! The beach bite is epic this month. Spinner Sharks will be in migration mode. These sharks are some of the best sportfish that visit the area. They jump when hooked and pull drag like a truck when using medium tackle. Spinners will eat anything that moves, including swimmers ( just joking ). Use some Jack fillets or live Blue runners. Ya babe!! Lets talk about the offshore bite. Everone that fishes in Palm Beach knows that January is prime time for sailfish, and sails love live bait. So if you’re planning on kite fishing or flat line fishing don’t forget to contact your live bait guy the night before. Live gogs can be hard to come by this time of year because of all the tournaments. VHF channel 68 is the number. Along with great sailfishing, dolphin will also be swimming into the area. They have been on the small side so please don’t take more than you need. Trolling is the most effective method. If your looking for the fight of your life, take a ride out to the deep. Day time swordfishing is becoming more popular with fish landed in the 200 class. Its not hard to fish for them, think of it a bottom fishing on a bigger scale. So give it a try, You may be surprised. Well good luck and remember ” you cant catch them from the couch “

If your looking to do some sport-fishing and don't want to do all the work, contact t us for your next private charter.

– Capt. Weston Russell


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