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July 2012 Fishing Report: Palm Beach, Singer Island, Palm Beach Shores

Welcome to the Palm Beach fishing forecast for July. The water’s from Palm Beach inlet to the Breakers hotel will be holding smoker kings just outside of the 60′ reef along with some good Mutton Snapper fishing. Yellow tails will also be mixed in. If your looking to catch tails, there’s no better way than to throw the anchor and start chumming. Frozen chum works great, but if your looking for the “Flags” you have to make your own chum. Mix two boxes of chum with some type of fish oil and then use oatmeal to keep it altogether . Drop this down in a ball with your cut bait then hold on!

If your just looking to bend rods, the water from Palm Beach inlet to the Juno pier will be your best bet. Bonitos will be swimming the edge ( 130′) Bonitos are awesome fighters on light tackle and great for the kids. Keep a look out for the Black fin Tuna, they also swim on the edge with the Bonito’s. Further offshore Dolphin and Wahoo will be swimming the weed lines. Keep your eyes peeled for floating structures and or bird action. If you see this head that way fast! Fish on!!

For you inshore guys, Palm Beach inlet will be the hot spot for Tarpon and Snook. These fish want to eat small live bait, so ether make the long run to the pier or just call your local bait guy on VHF 68 the choice is yours. Remember you can’t catch them from the couch!’

If your looking to learn more pro-guide tactics for Palm Beach contact us and set up your trip today.

-Captain Weston Russell


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