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July 2014 Fishing Report: Palm Beach, Singer Island, Palm Beach Shores

Welcome to the July deep sea fishing forecast for Palm Beach, Singer Island and Palm Beach Shores Florida. The heat will turn up and the afternoon storms will be brewing, but there will be some good fishing. July is a great time to head offshore and look for pelagics. Dolphin, Wahoo and Tuna should be on the list. Trolling will be your method. The great thing about trolling in July is it helps beat the heat. The mornings this time of year have little wind and the boat moving definitely helps cool you off. When you’re out in the deep blue, keep your eyes out for the mighty Blue Marlin. These beasts have been plentiful at this time for the last five years. If you get a chance to hook one, hold on because your going for a ride. Also out there the majestic Swordfish will be lurking deep underwater. Daytime Sword fishing is popular. It’s not hard to do. Think of it as bottom fishing on a huge scale. Do your research before you head out, and remember about the afternoon storms. Give yourself plenty of time to get home.

For you guys that like to stay close to land, expect the bite to be good. July offers lots of fishing opportunities. Kingfish, Banito, and large Sharks will be swimming on the Juno Ledge. The “Ledge” is located East of the Juno Pier in 130 feet deep. Along with hot edge fishing there will be excellent Snapper fishing. Big mutton hang under schooling fish like Kings wait for scraps to fall down to the sea floor. So fire down a fresh Bonito strip on a long leader. You should not have to wait long.

I haven’t forgotten about the Palm beach inshore fishing angler. Tarpon fishing, Jack fishing and Snook fishing will be hot along the Palm Beach Shores fl beaches looking for there next meal. Live bait is the key to catching these hard fighters. So don’t forget to pack some sabiki riggs in the tackle box. If you’re not the guy to catch your own bait call your local bait guy on VHF channel 68. Sometimes this is better.

Well there you have it. There’s only one way you will never catch a fish of a lifetime, that’s if you don’t get off the couch and go fishing. If you don’t have a boat, then charter a boat. You can check out my website at Good luck!

– Capt. Weston Russell


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