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July fishing report

Welcome to the Palm Beach fishing forecast. We all know July is hot but the fishing is even hotter ! The bite offshore of the Juno pier will be on fire. This spot will be easy to find: you run down the beach to the pier, load up on live bait and head dead East to the drop. The drop is when your bottom machine drops from 120 to 140 fast! This spot is loaded with all kinds of pelagic fish. Smoker kings, large bone heads, cobia , wahoo, blackfin tuna, and dolphin will be but just a few of the fish in the area. When that reel starts to scream , jump on it fast because jaws is also in the area! Bull sharks will be thick this time of year, so wind fast or you will lose your prize.

For you bottom fisherman .. The snapper fishing will be " Reel Intense". This is a great time to try anchoring and chumming for yellowtails. Before you throw the hook, scout around for bottom life on your fishfinder. When you see some activity , get ahead of it by about 100 ft then toss the anchor. The depth between 50 to 80 will be your best bet. David from Seven Seas Bait and Tackle loves to use a light spinner rod with a long piece of 20 lb flourcarbon leader tied to a half oz jig, tipped with a live shrimp. He also likes to hang two chum bags - one off each side of the stern. This tactic should bring the flag to the dinner table. Also, Anglers, keep your eyes on the weather. This is no joke. If it starts to look bad out to the west, wind them up and give yourselves plenty of time to get back to the dock. There are times I wish I had left the fishing spots just 15 minutes sooner. Good luck and be safe..

Capt. Weston Russell



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