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July fishing report

 Welcome to the Coastal Angler Magazine Julyfishing report for Palm Beach Florida. Get yourself ready for some Wahoo trolling action! Hi speed or planer fishing is the way to go. The black & purple Island lure is the color of the pros. Work the depth from 300' to 90'. These fish will be feeding on bullet Bonita. If you want to catch a monster Wahoo or a Blue Marlin... you will need to catch a Bullet and live rig it to a 50 lb class setup. For the Hoo, use wire with a big stinger hook.. for the Marlin... 200lb leader. Good luck!

 Bottom fishing will be on fire in July. Muttons and Yellowtails will be eating dead & live Sardine's. Light lead and long leaders is a must.  Work the Juno Beach area. 70' to 200' work.  In the mix will be Kingfish. Having a flat line out when Bottom fishing is a smart idea. You never know what's swimming around the boat. Tight lines! 

Let's talk about Swordfishing. July is a calm month to head offshore to make a drop. When heading out look for floating structure. Anything with bait fish swimming around it will produce. There could be Dolphin 50' under. Dropping a gig or a live bait down may get you a Wahoo or Dolly. Chunking is not a bad idea to get fish to come up too. Anyway, let's get back to Sword-fishing. The humps of Palm Beach hold pumpkins. The 2 rod setup is how we get the bite at it doubles you're chance to win. Don't forget a couple of gaffs and a harpoon. You never can tell when you may hook a beast. 

For the inshore guys, the Snook fishing will heat up in the inlets. This is the time of year they will be releasing eggs in the tide. Along with Snook, Tarpon will be roaming the beach looking for scale baits to slurp up. Having a well with live deans or herring will help to get the most bites. Need live bait? VHF Channel 68 will get you connected to the bait guys. Well I have to get back to fishing.. good luck and remember " You can catch them from the couch" 


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