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June 2014 Fishing Report: Palm Beach, Singer Island, Palm Beach Shores

Welcome to the deep sea fishing forecast Palm Beach fl for June. This month we will have great fishing opportunities. Expect The Dolphin bite to be on point, with some in the 50 lb class. There will be multiple tactics to land these pelagic creatures. Trolling, kitefishing or just drifting dead bait will all work. The best days will be just after a hard blow from the NE. So if this happens in the middle of the work week, take a sick day. When the bite is on don’t expect 3 days later for it to be good. Fish swim miles in a single day, so jump on it fast. I always laugh when I talk to fishermen at the tackle store trying to get on the bite days after the wind calms. They have been caught!! Its over!! Sorry dude!

Also this month fishing Singer Island Fl, the Black-Fin Tuna will be on the hunt. Early in the morning and late in the evening is the best chance. Tuna are low light feeder and love small live bait. These fish have super eye site. So light leader is a must. You should be fishing in depths of 150 to 250. After landing, cut the throat and bleed them out. The meat will teste better. Good luck!

If you’re a guy looking for the the King Mack stay shallow, 70 to 100ft depth between the Breakers to the Palm Beach Inlet will hold the big ones. Big Kings love live bait and nothing beats a frisky Blue Runner. Remember to use wire and a stinger hook. Some of these fish will be in the 60 lb range, so be ready.

For you bottom guys the Mutton snapper bite was slower the usual last month, so I’m thinking it will heat up in June. Long leaders with a sardine is the rigg to use. Adjust your lead to the current speed. The waters off the “Lost Tree village” will give you a good starting point. Tight lines!

So I hope this help you with your next fishing expedition, and remeber “You can’t catch them from the couch”

– Capt. Weston Russell


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