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June fishing report

Welcome to the Coastal Angler fishing report for June. Put the kites away and get the trolling rigs out; June is a great month for dragging rigged baits. Dolphins, blackfin and wahoo will be the target. A good idea is to run south to the Breakers Hotel and start your troll north. Zigzag offshore and then back inshore. I like to make my GPS track lines look like a zipper. Fish could be holding in depth of 80’ to 300’. We call this the “inshore troll”. If you aren’t getting the bite you want, try the “Run & Gun” method offshore. Always look for floating structures. Discarded man-made is the best, like buckets and wood, but a good ol’ weed line will do. There have been a lot of Blue Marlin caught in June, so be ready! We like to troll a marlin lure on the short rigger just for that reason.


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