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June 2012 Fishing Report: Palm Beach, Singer Island, Palm Beach Shores

Welcome to the Palm Beach fishing forecast for June. Wow! There’s one guarantee for June. Its going to be super hot! but let’s get to the fishing. The snapper bite will be on from the breakers to the Juno pier. The best depth will be between 80 to 130. Snapper have super eye-site and if your only catching throw backs you need to scale your tackle down in size. Using a small circle hook with a extra long leader will help you catch those big ones. Remember, big snapper are big because they’re shy. Also cruising the reef will be huge kings. If you have never caught a 50+ king on your boat your not using the right bait. Big kings like big bait! Try trolling a live bonito across the reef and watch what happens. Remember to use a stinger hook. Good luck!

This time of year the seas are calm enough to do some “Run & Gun” tactics for Dolphin. This is done by heading east at a safe speed and only stopping when you see something worth fishing. When you see something good, stop the boat and begin your chumming. cut sardines work the best. If nothing comes to investigate, Continue with the plan. This is a great method for catching big Dollies and whopper Wahoo. Good luck!

For you Inshore fishermen. Big Snook will be making their way to the inlet for the spawn. Live bait will be a must. Also, you have to get your bait on the Bottom or your just wasting your time. There will be a lot of charter guides targeting these fish so please give them plenty of room. If your looking for live bait, run the beach to the north looking for little droplets on the surface of the water. This is a good indication there’s bait Below. Try using a # 6 sabiki and don’t forget your dehooker, this small tool goes a long way to keep your bait alive.

The weather get crazy this time of year and can jump up on you in minutes. If you start to see changes and dark clouds to the west, it’s a good idea to start to pull the lines in and head back to shore. It sucks to get caught in a Down pour just ten minutes from the dock. It’s sucks believe me. From the mouth of capt Greg ” No fish is worth getting struck by lightning ” well good luck!

If your looking to learn more pro- guide tactics, give capt Weston a call. You can find his info on

– Captain Weston Russell


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