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March 2016 Fishing Report: Palm Beach, Singer Island, Palm Beach Shores

Need some fishing report info…Singer Island, Palm beach shores, Palm beach and Juno beach Florida? Welcome to the Coastal Angler Fishing forecast for March. Winter was a little late this year, but it Florida…It’s expected, but the fishing has not cooled down. March is a good month to target Tuna fishing. Black-fin Tuna will be in our waters looking to fill there belly. Low light conditions, will be your best bet. These drag screamers love small trolling and kite baits. If your going with live bait,ask your bait guy if he has threads. They’re small, shiny and Tuna love them.

The beach fishing is also good in March. Huge Tarpon will be cruising the park looking for bait fish heading south. There will be Sharks and Cobia in the mix, so be ready!

For the big game guys, head east 17 miles to the Swordfishing ground. The big ones live on the bottom. I like the humps in 1750ft. These monsters have been taken on dolphin belly, but a large rigged squid will work fine. Make sure your vessel is ready for the trip. Prep is the key to success. Good luck my friends and tight lines!

– Capt. Weston Russell


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