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March fishing report

Welcome to the Coastal Angler Magazine March fishing forcast for Palm Beach Florida. Expect great offshore fishing this month! Lets talk about some of the fish that will making a pit stop along the edge of the stream. Blackfin Tuna will be hunting in low light conditions. These fish have great eye sight and will swim away from heavy leaders . So scale down your rigs. Also, Tuna eat live bait! Live sardine or threads will do the job. If you can't catch any of these smaller bait, check with the local bait guys on VHF channel 68. These guys just don't sell gogs, but smaller baits too.

Live bait will be the key to catching smoker kings and racing Wahoo's too. Remember to scale Down and use a small trace of wire. This time of year Fishing in depths of 70 to 150 will allow you to catch all the fish we mentioned, so keep your eye on the sounder.

Sailfishing will start to slow down along with spinner sharks, So if your looking to catch one before its over, Get off the couch and get the boat ready. Kite fishing is always the best bet for sail , but it's also cool for spinners on the beach. Anchor the boat in a safe spot next to shore and let the kite fly. Spinners love to cruise at the shore line and the kite will get your bait to that special spot on the beach . It's also a awesome site to see a shark explode on a cut fillet hanging from the kite.

Lets not forget that March is a hot time for Sword-fishing . Dolphin Dave says, "Daytime fishing last March produced some monster fish", fish in the 400lb range have been cought from Jupiter to Boyton inlet. If your planning your first day time Sword trip, do yourself a favor and hire a guide. This will get you going in the right direction and will save you money in the long run. Good luck!

If your looking for a fishing adventure of a lifetime, check out

Capt. Weston 561-310-2690


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