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May 2014 Fishing Report: Palm Beach, Singer Island, Palm Beach Shores

Welcome to the the Palm Beach, Singer Island and Palm Beach Shores Florida deep sea fishing forecast for May. The days will be longer and the seas calmer this time of year. Finally, the sardines showed up along the beaches last month, with schools of palagics swimming not far behind. The idea is to head out at first light and catch some live bait outside of the Palm Beach Inlet. You’re going to look for boiling on the top of the water with birds flying just above. This is a good indication that there are live baits below. The rig you will be using is called a sabiki. They range in size. Try using the #4 or #6 for best results. Also, these rigs are tame in the package, but when you take them out, watch out! They will catch everthing from small bait to your own fingers. Use a d-hooker to remove your bait. Proper bait handling will allow your time consuming efforts to last all day. You could also just buy them from your live bait guy. Call him on channel 68 on the VHF.

After you get your bait, you have to ask yourself what direction you’re going to head. If you’re looking for fat Black Fin Tuna, head south to the breakers hotel and stop in the depth of 200 ft. If your a King Fish slayer, take the trip to trumps and stop in the 90 ft depth range and let the Gulf Stream carry you north. Good luck!

So you’re looking for Sailfish action? Well you don’t have to go far. There will be a few lingering around out front. “Out front” are the waters from the Dodge wall north to the Tiara. Don’t forget your kite. If the wind is right, you will need a helium balloon tied to the kite. No need for a bulky tank, just stop at the Sailfish Marina. they will have everything you need for that tactic.

For you bottom fishermen, make a beeline north to Lost Tree Village with your live bait. The reef there is teaming with life, you should be able to harvest Snappers and other hungry predators. When bottom fishing, always have a flat line out. You never know what will come to visit your spread. Tight lines!

Well good luck, and remember, “you cant catch them from the couch”!

– Capt. Weston Russell


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