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May fishing report

Welcome to the Coastal Angler magazine fishing report. If you like variety, you anglers will love the month of may. Offshore of Palm Beach, the spring kings will be plentiful. The waters south of the Breakers Hotel will produce some tournament winning fish. Try slow trolling a live blue runner or goggle eye in depths of 80 to 120. Don’t forget to put a stringer hook in its tail. Also in May, the Black fin tuna bite will be on. These fish are hard fighters and make for great table fare. To catch these fish you will need a 20 lb spinner or conventional gear combined with a light fluorocarbon leader. A good tactic for catching tuna is live chumming off the edge of the reef. Try depths form 80 to 140. Remember that tuna like low light conditions, so early morning or late evening will be your best bet.

The reef bite will be good this time of the year. The sun sets later than in the winter, so take advantage of this extra fishing time. You may be rewarded with a nice mutton snapper or flag yellowtail.

​For you inshore anglers, look to the beaches. Tarpon will be running in packs of six to ten. Cruise the beaches and look for any black patches that move, these fish will be chasing sardines. Try pitching a live sardine or jumbo shrimp in front of the school and hold on! Remember to point your rod at the fish when it is jumping.

Capt. Weston Russell 561-310-2690


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