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November 2012 Fishing Report: Palm Beach, Singer Island, Palm Beach Shores

Welcome to the fishing forecast for November. The winter prediction for the north east is cold. With this cold weather pushing down to south Florida, it will also bring some great fishing opportunity’s. Keep a good eye on all cold front’s making there way down and prepare the boat for a great inshore/ offshore bite.

The inshore will be getting better as the winter months progress. Tarpon, Jacks, Blue Fish and Sharks will be feeding on the last of the mullet coming down the beach. To find this action, come out Palm Beach inlet and hang a left turn and head up the beach. Look for dark masses and any bird action. When you find what your looking for, fish the outer rim of the school. You don’t want your offering to get Lost in the thousands of Other baits swimming for there lives. Also another hot spot will be at the mouth of the inlet. Predators will be waiting for the out going tide to flush out any mullet from the ICW.

For you offshore junkies, get ready for some sailfish action. Fishing will be good on the troll or the fishing kite, the choice is yours. Try heading to the south in the morning and use the “Stream” to head north. The water from 100 ‘ to 250’ will be your best bet. Don’t forget that all species swim this highway looking for its next meal. So be ready!

If the top water fishing is slow, try some deep water wreck fishing. Take your live bait to new depths! The wrecks that are located just out of the inlet were Placed there for fishermen to help take the pressure off the natural reefs. These FADS hold large fish and are easy to find on any chart. Your going to need heavy gear for this job. Break out your beef stick and fire a bait down till it hits the bottom then crank it up 5 turn and hold on! Huge Amberjacks, Cobia and Grouper will be wait to fight you to exhaustion! Well good luck and remember, you catch catch them from the couch!

– Capt. Weston Russell


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