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November 2013 Fishing Report: Palm Beach, Singer Island, Palm Beach Shores

Welcome to the Palm Beach, Palm Beach Shores, West Palm Beach, South Florida Coastal Angler fishing forecast for November. The weather guys are expecting colder weather to the north, which in turn will push better fishing to the south. Dolphin and Sailfish will respond to the weather change and make there way down to party with the Palm Beach fishermen. Live bait is the key, so make sure you put your order in the night before. The live bait guys don’t always have Enough bait, so make sure your on the list. If your a guy that wings it.. Good luck. Live bait channel is VHF 68.

For the light tackle angler the beach and inlet will be hot! The mullet run will be winding down, but the game fish will still be hungry. The acrobatic Tarpon and the hard fighting Jack will be ambushing these baits around the pump house, out side of Palm Beach inlet. A cast net is needed if your going to use live mullet for bait. ( don’t forget to put it in the boat) try fishing the out side of the schools and below them. You don’t want your frisky Mullet to get lost in the thousand others. For the monster anglers, the majestic swordfish will be waiting for a chance to eat your bait. Day time is the way to go. Your home before dinner and that makes the wife happy. Electric reel is a must, but hand crank will work. The problem is reeling up the weight when moving to the next spot. Big Swordfish live on the bottom and eat anything they can, so your going to have to fish the bottom. I like the humps off Palm Beach for big ones. I Landed a 340 lb after 2 1/2 hour fight, It’s a proven spot. 1600 to 1800 ft will do the trick. Large rigged Squid or a Bonita belly rigged Panama will work great. Don’t forget to bring a couple of chum blocks to put out for Dolphin. Out there in the Gulf Stream anything can swim up on it. And one last thing.. You may want to invest in a harpoon. Just incase that monster strikes ! Well good luck and remember--You can’t catch them from the couch!

– Capt. Weston Russell


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