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November 2019 Fishing Report: Palm Beach, Singer Island, Palm Beach Shores

Hello fisherman and welcome to your fishing forecast for Palm Beach, Singer Island, Juno Beach and Jupiter Florida! We have survived the heat of summer and a few big storms too. Now its time to fun fish! Expect the fall migration of Sailfish and Dolphin. This is the time to get your winter gear dialed in. Change the line, check the kites, etc. You don’t want to be out on a stellar day and find out your gear is junk. At we will check over everything from our Daiwa USA rod & reels to our kites. If anything looks suspicious we send it in for repairs. Live well pumps…bilge pumps… all must be in check. Safety is first. You get the point. Ok, let’s talk more about fishing. If we get an early cold front, expect good fishing the day of. Early Dolphin and Sailfish will be swimming in the 100-200ft depth. Kite fishing will be a must. Best bait will be Goggle Eye fished from a kite. You can get them from your local bait boat. Also, the Swordfish bite will be hot! This is the time of year to catch the big ones. At the same time last year, a lucky boater landed a 620lb bad boy. You have to give this a try before winter sets in.

For the Reef bouncers, expect good Snapper action on the edge. The good old sliding sinker rig will do the trick. Cut Sardines or a whole one will get it done. The limit for Snapper is 10 per Person, just a heads up. Fish the lost tree village roofs to the Water tower. Adjust your depth to find the best action.good luck!

For the inshore angler… Expect Tarpon, Jacks, Lane Snapper and Snook to be hanging on the docks on the ICW. Night fishing will produce more bit. Fish any dock with a light that has a good flow of tide. The incoming is my favorite. Live jumbo Shrimp is the trick to get them snapping. Well.. best of luck!

– Capt. Weston Russell


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