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October 2016 Fishing Report: Palm Beach, Singer Island, Palm Beach Shores

Welcome to the deep sea October fishing forecast for Palm Beach, Singer Island and Palm Beach Shores Florida. This month begins the Mullet run. Large schools of these frisky creatures will be passing by our shores on their way to their spawning grounds. Behind the schools will be large predators like Sharks, Tarpon, and huge Jack Crevalle. If you want to get involved in some of this action, set yourself up with a nice cast net. One throw of the net should give you enough bait to last the entire day. Remember, when you put your “money” into the livewell, it is very important to make sure you close the lid…they will jump out every time. You can also take these baits to the 130′ range and use them to catch Snappers, Kings and Sails. I don’t think there’s a fish in the ocean that doesn’t eat Mullet.

For you inshore guys, the Snook fishing will be “on fire”. Tossing the live mullet up against the dock or under a light at night can be very effective for catching huge Snook. Make sure you bring a good action rod to the fight, these fish can fight! Good luck and remember, “you can’t catch them from the couch”

– Capt. Weston Russell


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