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October fishing report

Hello and welcome to the Coastal Angler magazine October fishingreport for the water out of Palm Beach Florida. The Mullet run will be top news this months. Massive Schools will be moving through our waters, and game fish will be following. Tarpon, Huge Jacks, Snook and Sharks will be gorging on these bait fish. The plan is to cast net a live well full and start to fish. Present you’re baits away from the school to get the bite. You have to make it look like a straggler of the mass. Fishing it beneath the school or slow trolling it outside the school is best. Light leaders and small strong hooks will be the key. When hooked up on a Tarpon, be ready to chase that fish down. They will jump in the beginning, then it will Want to sound to the bottom. When it comes up for a gulp of air, try putting the rod tip down in the water to stop it from doing this. Every gulp is more energy to keep the fight going. Remember.. We are fighting for fun.. It is fighting for its life.  Good luck!

Heading out to the reef?  Mullet works great for bottom fishing. Muttons, Yellow tails and Amberjacks love to eat this bait. Presentation is… long leaders and light singers. A 2/0 hook is ideal. Anglers should be matching the sinker to the tide speed. 2/3 knots= 2 oz egg. Fish on!!

Offshore will be holding Dolphin on the weed lines. Head offshore with a run/gun method. Only fish weeds that hold bait. If you find large patches, try the chunking method.  Dolphin like to hang deep when the sun is high. Pitch a jig and see if you get followers. Be ready with rigged rods. Once you get a few to come up, there could be a feeding frenzy ready to happen.  A few box’s of Sardines will get the job done, so don’t forget to stop at the bait store before heading out. Tight lines!

Last call for Swordfish!! I mean this is the last month when the wind may be calm enough to head 20 miles out. The fall is when the monster female’s come to bread in the “Straights of Florida.

Fish in the 400lb plus will be landed this time of year. You better be on you’re game! BBW gaffs and harpoons are a must. A block & tackle is not a bad idea to have on the vessel. It can be very difficult to get a fish that size over the gunnels. If you hook a beast, prepare for a long fight. I’m talking hours.. that can take a toll on any seasoned angler. Well. I have given you some good info. It’s up to you to get off the couch and go fishing! 


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