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September 2012 Fishing Report: Palm Beach, Singer Island, Palm Beach Shores

Welcome to the Palm Beach fishing forecast for September. Lets talk about the fall run of kingfish. These fish will be on the smaller side, but will be in good numbers. Kings will be holding in 70ft to 120ft of water. If the bite is slow, try doing a drift a little deeper in 180ft. This is the time of year to scale down the tackle. Try using smaller wire like a #3 or 4 to get that bite going. The reef bite will also be good. Yellow tails, muttons and vermilion snapper will be holding up in 60ft to 90ft of water. Scaling down for the snapper bite is important too. Try using a light leader like #30 and a smaller black hook like a #4.

The inshore bite will be heating up this fall with the Mullet run. Cruising the beach looking for schools of Mullet will be easy. Just look for huge black masses near the shore. Anything from sharks and huge jacks to tarpon will be feeding on these baits. The key is not to cast into the school, but to work the outer edge. If you toss your bait in the middle it would be lost among the thousands of other mullet. Also, try using a small sinker to get your bait to swim under the school. Another option is to throw artificial baits. Plugs, spoons, and jigs will work great. Cast them around the fringes of the school and hold on tight!

I think we covered the offshore and in-shore bite, but I want to talk a little about the Sword fishing. September winds will still be somewhat calm so take advantage of it. Swords will be holding in the 1000ft to 1500ft range and will be eating live baits and rigged squid. If you haven’t had the chance to battle a gladiator of the deep, you still have time. Please make sure all your boating safety gear is up to date. Well, good luck and remember you can’t catch them from the couch!

See more tips for Deep Sea Fishing in Palm Beach at my home page or inquire about booking my Fishing Charter for the day.

Capt. Weston Russell


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