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September 2017 Fishing Report: Palm Beach, Singer Island, Palm Beach Shores

Welcome to the September Coastal Angler Magazine fishing forecast for the waters off Palm Beach, Singer Island and Juno Beach, Florida. Summer is coming to a close, but the doors are still open. Expect the Dolphin bite offshore to remain good. The tactics used for this time of year is run & gun. This means to run out to the deep and do a search for floating debris. Anything man-made is the best.. this can be anything from a floating bucket to a lawn chair. If you find something floating, definitely check it out. You will usually see small Dork Jacks or other types of bait fish that hang in the deep. Leave no floating structure unchecked. When you get on the Dolphin, remember to leave one in the water to keep the school interested. It’s 10 per person, 20 inches to the fork. Good luck!

For you fishermen that want to stay closer to land, there will be lots of action on the edge (130′). The Bonito bite will be slowing down and hopefully the Sharks have moved on. This will open opportunities to get a bait to the bottom. Snappers will be the target species. Long leaders and small hooks will fool the big ones. Which bait to use, you ask? The Sardine of course. Everything eats Sardines. Also around will be Kingfish, Black-Fin and Wahoo. Tight lines!

For the inshore guys, the Snook bite will be leaving the inlet and heading to the docks. The night bite will be the ticket. Try fishing dock light and the lights from the bridges. Another possibility will be Tarpon. Don’t be surprised if you think you have a Snook on and it starts jumping like a high school cheerleader.. Tarpon!

– Capt. Weston Russell


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