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September fishing report

Hello fisherman. It’s September and the heat is still on. This is the month we should be heading offshore and looking for Schooling Dolphin. Run & gun will be the tactic. The night before you’re trip will be spent getting ready. Calling around to tackle shops and asking where the bite is offshore will help on saving fuel. Some depth with be better then others. I wouldn’t want you to drive past the  spot. Catching schooling Dolphin isn’t hard, you want to run to a weed patch and look for small baitfish using it for cover. That’s a good starting point. If the patch has no bait… keep running. Bringing a box of sardines and cutting them up in small chunks and chumming works wonders. Also, this will be the last calm month on the calendar for sea conditions. Take advantage of the run out and try a drop for Swordfish. September has produced some monsters. 1500ft depth is the middle ground. 


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