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September fishing report

Welcome to the Coastal Angler's Septemberfishing forecast for Palm Beach, Singer Island and Juno Beach, Florida. The kids are back to school and the boat traffic during the weekdays has slowed down dramatically. Try to take advantage of this time...lower noise means better bites. So...take a sick day and catch fish! 

September is a slower month for fishing with the passing of the Bonito schools, but the bottom fishing will still be hot. The high bar off Juno Beach will be the spot to go to. This is the reef that runs for miles north to south.  Mutton, Yellow Tails, Porgys, Vermilion and Gray Snapper will be the fish to chase. Long leaders and light lead will fool these guys to bite. Drop down a Sardine to entice them. Good luck!

For you guys that don't care about fuel prices, head out to the deep for Dolphin. The weed lines out 8 to 12 miles will hold gaffer Dollies. Don't waist your time at the 5 mile weed line..that has been picked over from the guys fishing south. Instead, look for lines out deep. These fish will eat anything dragged by them. If you find something man made floating, you have scored. I carry a mask and snorkel with fins and a pole spear just for those opportunities that arise. Spearfishing in 1000' of water is amazing and surreal. Get an early start to the day if heading offshore mostly due to the afternoon storms. These storms are nothing to mess around with, so give you and your crew plenty of time to be indoors when they threaten the coastline.  Please be safe and responsible. Oh...remember, you can't catch them from the couch!


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